the easiest and most fulfilling way 
to gET uNSTUCK & to Finally live the

 (WITHOUT getting a new job, New partner, or depriving yourself of the foods you crave just to fit into your clothes)

DON’T sacrifice years of TIME, MONEY & eFFORT

 with slow or no results!


Have a fulfilling career that pays well?

Manage your stress masterfully

Remember your childhood without feeling any pain over it?

Be more calm and grounded when dealing with your kids, partner, parents, or boss?

Move on from painful relationships and never look back?

Lose weight and actually keep it off?

If you’re thinking this sounds impossible, 
you’ve been told a lie.


Did you watch yet my training "Your Dream Life Through Hypnosis"? Here it is!

Most people aren't aware that 95% of our brain activity (our thoughts, decisions, behavior and feelings) stems from our SUBCONSCIOUS MIND.

This makes this part of your brain almost 20 times more powerful than your conscious mind!


Your subconscious mind can work against you by creating thoughts, feelings and behaviors that pull you further away from the life you dream, crave and deserve. 

It happens to everyone. Well, almost everyone! 

Some people have already discovered this secret and are living 
THEIR BEST LIVES as we speak!

For example, we all know that smoking KILLS, so why do 35 million Americans still smoke? 

The Subconscious mind is the culprit! 

It is a fact that 70% of Americans are either over-weight, or obese! 

So why can't they resist certain unhealthy foods? 


The Subconscious mind is the culprit here too!

My name is Sharon Azogue and I'm an expert HYPNOTHERAPIST COACH

I’ve helped hundreds of individuals get off their anxiety and depression medications, achieve success in health by dropping up to 50 pounds, achieve their financial goals of hitting a 6 figure income, save their marriages, and find their dream partners and start families. 

Find out how Rebecca used Hypnosis to heal her childhood wounds around authority figures and launched her own SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS!

Traditional therapy only focuses on making the symptoms subside a little, which is why you will sacrifice years of effort with slow or no results, without usually achieving your desired radical transformation. 

According to a study published in the American Health Magazine, Hypnosis is the single most effective way to change behaviors, get rid of fears and hurtful emotions, and adopt a new mindset. 

Once you access the root causes of your challenges, which are located in your subconscious mind, instead of only dealing with the pain related to your wounds, you will heal those wounds permanently and replace all your negative beliefs and behavior patterns with positive ones. 

Having the ability to reprogram your mind through Hypnosis enables you to embody your full potential of performance, form an ideal mindset for achieving your goals, access a fountain of positivity and inspiration, and adopt an empowered emotional stance. 

Top performers in all fields have discovered this secret! 

Famous athletes, successful business men and women, great politicians - all know how to turn their HUGE dreams into reality, regardless of their circumstances. 

Hypnosis works on everyone, as it simply involves reaching a certain wave-length in the brain, which occurs naturally every night as we fall asleep and every morning as we wake up. 

The ease in which some people can be guided into a Hypnotic state is a skill, which like any other skill, can be learned and perfected, so don't worry and think you need to have a natural talent for it. 


What I’ve found in working with my clients is that they have very LITTLE TIME.

We all have busy lives with family, children, and crazy work schedules. 

That’s why I built a course that you can do whenever you like, 
at your OWN pace and STILL get results

In this 12-week program, you get to experience six sessions of Hypnosis, in the comfort of your own home, and in accordance to your own schedule. 

Studies have shown that Hypnosis recordings are HIGHLY effective in reprogramming the mind, and that 6 sessions are usually required for a 93% success rate!


You will also gain access to:

-  Weekly VIDEOS filled with transformative content
- The program's downloadable WORKBOOK
- Weekly TOOLS for transformations
- Weekly assignments meant to SUPPORT your progress.

You will get access to my PRIVATE Facebook community where I post additional helpful content, and answer any questions you have. 

This program is going to give you the tools you need to be on your way to 
finally live your dream life 

WITHOUT sacrificing years of effort with slow or no results.

“I can’t believe that after years of suffering, my past no longer holds any power over me! Through Hypnosis and all the other exercises and tools in the program, I was able to reach a place of valuing and loving myself deeply, after a life-time of self-hatred and self-sabotage.  I can’t wait to witness all the wonderful things I will now attract into my life” 

                                                                                                                                                                     Jen Miller, CPA

The program is divided into 5 modules in which you will:

1) CREATE A MINDSET FOR SUCCESS (weeks 1-2) using various tools for increased self-knowledge, productive goal-setting, and mind-focusing techniques.

2) INTEGRATE YOUR DIFFERENT ASPECTS INTO WHOLENESS (weeks 3-4) using the Hypnotic technique called "Parts Therapy" to heal the inner child, silence the inner critic, and retrieve lost aspects of yourself (positivity, trust, open-heartedness, emotional strength, joy, etc.). You will also be using additional tools for increased connection of the right brain and left brain, for clearing stagnant energy, for becoming more present, for getting rid of the negative narrative in your life and replacing it with a positive one, and for beginning to manifest consciously that which you choose to have in your life. 

3) GET RID OF PAST INFLUENCES AND RETRIEVE POSIVE ASPECTS (weeks 5-8)    using the Hypnotic Regression technique called Childhood Regression to heal and clear all negative effects of the childhood. Here you will finally let go of limiting beliefs around worthiness, finances, relationships, etc. that have originated from your childhood. You will experience Womb Regression where you will gain clarity about your life plan and purpose. You will understand why you chose the circumstances of your birth, as well as your family.  You will then experience two Past Life Regressions. In the first one, you will locate the root cause of whatever is sabotaging you in this lifetime, heal it, and transform it into seeds for your future success. In the second one, you will re-visit a very successful Past Life, in which you were embodying a high version of yourself. You will then retrieve those lost characteristics/ talents/experiences and re-incorporate them into your current life.  

4) EMBODY YOUR HIGHER SELF (weeks 9-10) by visiting the Spirit Realm, meaning 
the realm where your soul dwells between life-times. You will visit with departed 
loved ones and experience the immortality of Souls. You will communicate with your guides and receive messages that will greatly help you in dealing with current challenges. You will review your pre-life plan and gain a broader perspective about your Soul's path in your current lifetime, and how to best pursue it.  

5) Align yourself for future success (weeks 11-12) by applying all the knowledge and embodying the transformation you went through in the previous modules, you will 
build a plan for achieving your goals in all areas of your life, and you will begin to achieve these goals immediately. Now that you have cleared out your Subconscious mind of all that does not serve you, you will experience a Hypnosis session in which you will plant in your Subconscious mind all the seeds for your success. You will plant empowering beliefs, positive attitudes, healthy and helpful behavior patterns, and then watch as you begin to live your life with a can-do winner attitude, and begin manifesting all you ever wanted.

To summarize, in this program:

* You'll understand exactly why the BEST way to live the life you dream of is simpler and easier than you think - and exactly how to do it!

* You'll skip past all the mistakes and obstacles that stop MOST people from creating a life they love and go right to living it.

* You'll know exactly how to live your dream life without getting a new career, partner or depriving yourself of the foods you crave.

* You'll live a STRESS FREE life filled with abundance so that you can finally feel emotionally free and feel at peace. 

Take a full 90 Days To Put Me To The test With My Iron-Clad 
Money-Back Guarantee

* When you are free from all that's keeping you trapped from the dream life you crave and deserve, imagine how freeing it will feel when YOU HAVE CONTROL over your thoughts, feelings and behaviors!

* When you have control over the most important aspects of your life, you feel less trapped and more like you who were meant to be.

"Participating in this program was the greatest gift I ever gave myself. I finally decided to invest in ME, and as a result I feel empowered, determined, clear, and centered. I will no longer waste time and energy aiming low and living with limiting beliefs. Before even completing the program, I have already started working on my passion-project which I know will turn into a business, I have started dating someone I once believed was out of my league, and I have even lost 8 pounds!" 

                                                                                                               Denise Valenti, elementary school teacher

Your Dream Life Through Hypnosis Signature Program

Gives you the on-line program that will walk you step-by-step through the entire process from start to finish. 
You get all the expert techniques and processes on how to reprogram your mind and be in control of your thoughts, feelings and behaviors to help you make more money, lose weight and find a fulfilling relationship. 

You get the exact formula you need to succeed!

Interested in the one-on-one version of this program? If you want to receive on-line sessions from me, email me to schedule a discovery call and to find out if the one-on-one version of the program is a better fit for you!

You get all of this for ONLY $497 $197!
save $300 by purchasing NOW

Join the Dream Life Through Hypnosis Signature Program and you will also receive a value of over $400 in exclusive BONUSES:

BONUS 1: A full 1 year access to the 3 month program! 

That’s 9 months of additional free access!
Value of $279

BONUS 2: Three additional Hypnosis recordings!

⬩Hypnosis for Relaxation
⬩Hypnosis for increasing Immunity and Vitality
⬩Hypnosis for Weight loss 
Value of $139

These limited time bonuses have a total value of $418... but they're yours when you act now.

Your total savings today will amount to over $700!

And...for those that are truly serious about their success, I have an extra bonus for action takers

The first 20 to register will receive access to a 
FREE consultation session with me!

So just imagine....

 Having a fulfilling career that pays well.

Imagine managing your stress masterfully, 

Imagine remembering your childhood without feeling any pain over it.

Imagine being calm when dealing with your kids, partner, parents, and boss.

Imagine moving on from painful relationships and never looking back.

And imagine losing weight and actually keep it off.

What would that feel like?


$24.97 X 12 weeks

Money-Back Guarantee
 TRY it RISK FREE - You have nothing to lose & only your dream life to gain!

P.S. - Every minute you wait is another minute the dream life you crave and deserve gets further and further away from your reality.

"The hypnosis sessions that I was fortunate to receive from Sharon were unlike anything I ever experienced before. Completely relaxing and at the same time illuminating, I felt safe to venture into unknown territory under Sharon’s calm and loving guidance. During and immediately following the sessions, I experienced deep peace and profound healing. I went into the sessions with no expectations, but found that hypnosis has empowered me to acknowledge and address long held patterns of thinking that no longer serve me."

                                                                                                               Christina Wypijewska, owner of Kika Yoga
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